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Texian Geospatial and Asset Solutions, LLC. is a privately owned consulting firm based in San Marcos, Texas. Founded in 2012, Texian Geospatial specializes in a wide spectrum of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and GPS (Global Positioning Systems) services for asset management in Oil & Gas, Pipeline, Public & Municipal Utilities, and Environmental markets.

We are a small company, big on experience with very competitive rates and highly qualified professional staff. We take pride in our ability to provide personal attention with our small town approach to doing business.

Serving Oil and Gas, Pipeline, and Small and Medium Utility Operators

Industry Solutions

On-Demand UAS Imaging & Video Data Collection


Texian Geospatial offers full service UAS (Drone) Image and Video Data Collection. This data is valuable within itself but when paired with powerful Spatial Processing tools offered by GIS, drone images and video provide an On-Demand base-map for GIS applications and analysis.

At Texian Geospatial we use drone technology as a tool to provide you with Solutions and Analysis, not just a pretty picture of your construction or worksite. In addition to adding to our Asset Management Solutions, high-resolution video and mapping is a vital tool in our Development & Construction Monitoring Solutions.

UAS Drone Services

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